When you write a blog or add content to the site, it is necessary to index your new posts to all major search engines to get traffic. WordPress has a great option of ping service for faster indexing of post and blog. When you publish a new post or edit existing post, WordPress automatically notifies the listed site update services. Updated WordPress Ping List for 2024. By default, there is only one services “Pingomatic ping service” active in service list which notifies the different search engines. But, you can manually enter more ping service in WordPress for faster indexing of your WordPress site. Here is the latest ping list updated 2024 for faster indexing of new posts.

wordpress update service

wordpress ping list updated 2022

Here is a fresh and verified and updated WordPress Ping List for 2024, A list of working ping services that help you to indexing faster of your new post.

Latest 2024 WordPress Ping List


How to add new WordPress ping services list

For adding new ping services to the ping list, Just Go to Setting>>Writing. Paste the above list under the ‘Update Services’ and click save.

wordpress ping list updated 2022

Your ping list updated. WordPress notify the all above ping services automatically when you modify any post or publish a new post. If you use sitemap generater plugin or WordPress Seo by Yoast plugin, Bothautomatically pings Google and Bing search engines.

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