When you install the WordPress, The setup wizard takes the default username Admin automatically. It is good to change the default username during the installation of WordPress. If you did not change the default username at the time of installation, don’t worry you can change it now by using this trick. Today we will show you how to change default admin username in WordPress.


First you should know that why we change admin username. The default username admin is not suitable for security purpose. The hackers try to gain access to your WordPress site with this default name by using Brute Force Attacks. Hackers use some automated tools to access your site by using ‘admin’ username with some passwords combinations. So if you using this type of username change immediately.

How to Change Admin Username

While you are trying to change your default username. WordPress has no option to change it. So for this first we create the new user from WordPress Dashboard.


On the next page, Create new user by filling the form looks like below image. Use unique and hard to guess username and password.  Give the role of Administrator to this new user and click on Add new user.


Your new user with administrative rights has been created. Now log out from WordPress dashboard and login with the new username.

Now go to Users>>All Users. and delete the old default username admin.


On the next screen, Select Attribute all posts to the new username and confirm the deletion.


You are Done. Your old account has been deleted and the new username completely set up.

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