Recovering the password of hacked WordPress site using PhpMyAdmin is the most popular and easy method. There are various ways to recover the password such as via FTP and Using MySQL Command Prompt.

You can also add new admin to WordPress by FTP. Today we will show you how to recover the password using PhpMyAdmin.

How to recover WordPress admin password using PhpMyAdmin

How to recover WordPress admin password using PhpMyAdmin

Login to Cpanel of your Hosting Account. Go to Phpmyadmin under Database section looks like below image. The page redirect to the PHPMyAdmin.


Select database of the site which password you want to recover. Click on the table called “wp-users”. Now look at the your username or ID 1. The admin user is usually at the top with ID = 1. Select that row and click on the “Edit” or on the yellow pencil. The next screen loaded looks like below image.


Now Look for the row named “user_pass” (usually the 3rd or 4th one). In that row, under the “Function” column, select MD5. Enter your new password under the “Value” column and click on Go for saving the new Password.

Now you have successfully changed your WordPress password to the new password. The new password reset and you will be able to login to WordPress Dashboard with the new password.

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