It is very tough situation when you lost the organic google traffic due to manual action against your site by google. Your visitors search your site at google, but see “This site may be hacked” warning at search results. It is happen because Google blacklist your site and put the warning at your site for it’s user protection. If you found this warning at your site that’s mean your site is infected with malware so this is the time to take necessary steps to remove the malware from your site and remove your site from Google blacklisting and the warning from Google search results.

This site may be hacked

This is also very harmful for your site seo and ranking When Google take manual action against your site. They also drop the ranking of your site which results to loss of the organic traffic.

How do you remove the warning from Google search results?

This site may be hacked
When you face this type of situation, there is many options available for you. You can get your site removed from blacklisting. First, fix your site yourself or avail a malware removal service.

if you want to fix your site yourself, first you have to scan your site. You can scan the site with the malware scanner to detect the possible malware or unwanted software. Your hosting company will also help you to scan your hosting account and provide the list of infected files. After scanning the server, next step is to clean your site. There may be some malicious files and some of them can contain piece of infected code mixing with original code of your files or cms. So, you have to remove only part of infection from these type of files.

We also provide the malware removal service with one year warranty at reasonable price. if you have multiple sites at your server you can also avail the discount to fix your sites.

After cleaning the site you have to login to search console and submit request to Google for removing all manual action against your site and remove the This site may be hacked warning from the Google search results. if you hire our service we will get your site remove from all blacklisting including Google, Norton, McAfee, bing etc without any cost.

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