Zip utility tool used for compressing files and folder that makes the size smaller and fast transfer. Unzip are the other command-line utilities used for decompressing zip files. In this article, we will learn how we can install the zip and unzip on various Linux distributions.

How to Install Zip and Unzip in Ubuntu/Debian/Mint

You can install zip by running this command on Ubuntu or Debian.

 $ sudo apt install zip

You can confirm the zip installation by running this command

 $ zip -v 

After installing zip you can create zip by running this command at the root of target folder.

 $ zip -r folder 

For installing Unzip utility, you can run following command.

 $ sudo apt install unzip 

You can confirm the unzip installation by running the same command

 $ unzip -v 

Newer version of Ubuntu/ Debian comes with preinstalled zip and unzip utilities

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