CSS Introduction

Here we provide CSS introduction tutorials, basic CSS beginner tutorials, and also many other tutorials related to development. This is the best place where you will gain all these things. In the CSS tutorial, we cover all topics such as syntax, selectors, comments, colors, etc.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheet, usually known as CSS. It allows you to format the layout of Web pages. Cascading Style Sheet is used to represent the look and formatting of a document that is written in a markup language.
It designates code for formatting in style and layout, within a text file. CSS presents for the disconnection of document content written in HTML/XHTML or a related markup language from document performance, including elements such as the layout, fonts, and colors.

Cascading Style Sheet enhances content accessibility and usability. IT also provides more flexibility and control of document presentation, enables multiple pages to share formatting, and makes websites easy to handle.
Before you implement CSS, the content to which it will apply must exist.

In the basic syntax of CSS, the first part of a line of code is called the selector. The selector is defined what HTML element formatted.

The second part of the code is made up of declarations that state the property and corresponding value of the HTML element.

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