In this tutorial today we learn about HTML text Editors

If you want to learn HTML language, you will write down the block of code and create a file or web page.

Nowadays, there is a number of text Editors, which you can use for building a web page.  But the professional experts, for beginners notepad, is the best text editor to create a file.

There are given below some easy and simple ways to create your first file or web page with Notepad :

Step-1: Open Text Editor (Notepad)

text Editor (Notepad)

Step-2: Write Html code

Write your first program into a notepad. You can copy this code also and paste this code for a text editor.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My first webpage</title>

<h2>Welcome to my first Web Page</h2>
<p>Hello World. This is my first Webpage.</p>



Write Html code

Step-3: Save html program

After writing your code you want to save your HTML code file with .htm or .html extension.

save html code


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