In the HTML tutorial, today will learn “where we use HTML headings?”

HTML Headings

If you want to define the title or subtitle in your webpage, then you can use HTML headings. HTML headings or heading tag gives particular sizes in a document.

Six types of HTML headings are given below, which are defined in different sizes <h1> to <h6> tags :


<!DOCTYPE html> 
     <h1 >This is Heading 1</h1>
     <h2 >This is Heading 2</h2>
     <h3 >This is Heading 3</h3>
     <h4 >This is Heading 4</h4>
     <h5 >This is Heading 5</h5>
     <h6 >This is Heading 6</h6>



This is Heading 1

This is Heading 2

This is Heading 3

This is Heading 4

This is Heading 5
This is Heading 6


Why are HTML Headings so Important

HTML headings are play most important role to index the webpages in search engines.h1 heading tag is the main headings for every webpage, after that followed by h2 heading, then the rarely important h3, and so on.

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