How to Change WordPress Themes

What Is a Theme?

A WordPress theme changes visual template design for your site and its layout. It can also add many new features. There are lots of free WordPress themes in the .

#Mandatory files

There are only two files mandatory in a WordPress theme:

index.php – the main file
style.css – the main style file

4 Steps  to Change Your WordPress Theme

At this point, let’s talk about how to actually switch your WordPress theme. The steps are very simple, and we’ll walk you through each one.

Step 1: Back up Your Site

Before you are doing anything , you should have to take a full backup your site.


Step 2: Navigate to Your WordPress Themes Section

Now you’re prepare to change your theme. To get changed, click to Appearance > Themes within WordPress:


Here, you’ll see your active theme will be clearly highlighted:


Step 3: Install Your WordPress Theme

Now you’ll be provided with a theme ZIP file. This can be installed by using the Upload Theme button on the same page, and then using the Choose File dialog to locate the file:


Step 4: Activate Your New WordPress Theme

The final step is to activate your theme.